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Get Paid

Take payments anywhere.

Get paid

  • Ability to take payments anywhere. You can operate your business 100% from mobile via our app without the need to pay for a device or any up front costs
  • Variety of payment options. We not only offer traditional card based payments, but we also offer the ability to pay via account to account allowing your customers to pay securely through their own banking app
  • Innovative payment technology. Our technology not only allows safe and secure card scanning ability, saving time to enter payment details, it also allows you to prompt payment via a QR code or paybylink via SMS or email

Low payment costs

  • Variety of payment options including account to account, our fees start as low as 0.45% which could offer significant reductions to your current payment costs. Card based payments are the lowest in the industry at 1.4% so if you can combine both payments, we offer the best pricing on the open market. We can help you to educate customers to use the cheapest payment method
  • Saving costs on existing fees. We estimate that for every £50,000 put through our app in payments we can save SME’s between £200-£250 per year. Money that can be spent doing more jobs or advertising/marketing to get new customers